Someone In Your Corner

Someone In Your Corner

Leaders are always caught between “the way things are” and “the way things should be.” I have never met a leader who was completely satisfied with the way things are. There is always something that can change, something that can be done better, or something that can improve.

I recently sat with one of my friends in my office. He was frustrated and stuck between “the way things are” and “the way things should be.” Many times, such as this case, when we have no one to share our passions with, we become frustrated. I sat and listened as months of frustration flowed. It was great. It seemed as though with every word, he was getting “lighter.” I watched, as every sentence he delivered appeared to lift burdens off of him. He is passionate, has vision, and has amazing leadership skills, but he was just frustrated and needed someone to listen! 

When he left my office he seemed much more at peace. All he needed was someone to say, “yes, you are not alone, I hear you, and I believe in you.” He needed someone to help him re-ignite his passion, vision, and help him chase some big dreams.

I walked away from our talk having learned something about leadership. 

All of us need someone in our life to listen to our frustrations. When you're building something great... it is never easy! There are going to be many times you will wonder if you're going to make it. Having someone in your life that you can be honest and open with will help you continue to take the steps toward the leader you are supposed to be! 

Great leaders know they can't make it alone. If you want to have long term success as a leader, you must find someone in you life that will listen to you, be honest with you, and help push you towards excellence. 

Finish Empty.


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