Leadership Friday - McClure Fitness Owner, Marietta McClure

Leadership Friday - McClure Fitness Owner, Marietta McClure

McClure Fitness is growing at an incredible pace! How are you doing it?

A growing business needs inspiration. About two years ago I was swamped dealing with everyday problems. I decided to hire an office manager, Dani Hearn. She now does the problem solving and I get to motivate and do more big picture planning. That's what is fun for me and keeps me motivated!

With many employees under your leadership, what is the most important aspect of Leadership for you on a daily basis?

Listen first. Speak second. Hard lesson to learn.

Any leader has to find balance in their life. All leaders are busy but Business Owners are extremely busy. How do you find balance in your life as an Business Owner, Wife, & Mom?

I've learned to say no. If it's not important to me, say no.

How do you get the best out of your employees? What do you think is the most important component of getting a person that works under your leadership to work with all their heart?

Give them ownership of their job. Encourage, inspire and motivate them that they're doing great.

What does Finish Empty mean in your life?

Finish Empty means to give everything in the moment. Because I am so busy, I stay in the moment. When I have my mom hat on, I give everything to my kids. When I have my gym hat on, I workout and motivate our clients as hard as possible.

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