The Most Important Word In Leadership

The Most Important Word In Leadership

You must learn to say, “No."

Over the past few months I started to notice something about almost all of the successful people I know: They say no… a lot…. almost always.

As I started to realize this, I decided to ask a mentor of mine to lunch and ask him why! He responded with a quote I've heard before, but it made its way to my heart for the first time. “Jason, devoting a little of yourself to everything means committing a great deal of yourself to nothing.”

It clicked! It hit me hard! I know what I’m here to do. I know my gifts. I know my purpose. I know what matters most. Why would I spend my time on things outside of those clearly defined strengths? Why would I give any time away from pursuing my dreams? Why would I let anything get in the way of investing in vision & people that matter most to me? Why would I sacrifice the GREAT... even for things that were GOOD? Why would I ever let that happen?

Saying “No” is really saying “Yes.” You have limited time. All of us spend all of our time doing something. You can’t save time. Each second is spent on something or someone. Every minute comes and goes without respect to age, background, season, or circumstance. We all have the same time each day and each moment you say “No”, you free up the possibility to say “Yes” to the things that matter most.

 As He continued to talk, I really started to see everything in my life changing. There is a difference between knowing truth and living it out. Nothing changes until you apply truth to your life and I could see the steps that needed to happen. I knew exactly what needed to change.

What about you? What matters most? What are your dreams, vision, & purpose as a leader? Are you spending your time pursuing those priorities? What about your gifts and abilities? Are you making sure to put yourself in positon to use your gifts?

Don’t get distracted! You simply do not have enough time to invest in every good thing that comes along. If you do, your focus will blur, stress will rise, and you will become exhausted.

Take a step back from all the things you “have” to do & focus on the Great Things you need to do today! Fight to make sure that you are using all of your strength, talent, and ability to pursue your passion & purpose. If you do that, you will find yourself more fulfilled, more productive, and more impactful as a leader!

All You Got. Every Day. Finish Empty.

Jason (@JasonCurry)








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