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For over 20 years, Finish Empty® has helped individuals, teams, organizations, schools, and businesses succeed at the highest level.

Believing that so many miss the mark in leadership, Jason Curry set out to help move the target and help others accomplish more. Once individuals, teams, organizations, churches, schools, and businesses began to apply the Finish Empty® Leadership Principles, success soon followed. 

Finish Empty® is about defining your dream, developing a plan to get there, and then devoting your life to arrive at that destination.  It takes All You Got. Every Day®. Most never define their dream or destination, even less have a plan to get there, and only a few have the devotion to follow through. We all want to achieve the full life we have always dreamed of, but many are not willing to pay the price, and even more don't know the steps to take.

Finish Empty® is the path. By pouring out all we have, each day, in the right direction... we can live the full life we were intended. Finish Empty® gives an individual, team, organization, church, school, or business a path, plan, and purpose to build on as everyone takes steps towards success. 

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