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Finish Empty® continues to impact school systems, teams, & administrations with unprecedented success as students achieve their dreams. Finish Empty® brings an entire schools together under one mission... Finish Empty®.

Nobody really wants to Finish Empty®; we all want to achieve the full life we have always dreamed of. Finish Empty® is the path. By pouring out all we have, each day, in the right direction... we can live the full life we were intended. 

If you would like more information about The Finish Empty® Program, contact us here.


“Jason changed the way we lead in our school and how our students work each day. Finish Empty® has given us a target to aim for each day in our school system and it has been incredible to see the impact!” 

Lynda Ingram |  Principal | Rock Quarry School System

"Jason Curry inspires and challenges both personally and professionally to become a better version of ourselves each day!  He transformed our staff mindset with a Finish Empty journey that has made such a tremendous impact on our students and overall school community! "

Amber Brantley | Principal | Greenbrier Wooster Elementary