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FinishEmpty® is excited to announce a partnership with school systems across the country to train students and develop leaders to chase their dreams.

The FinishEmpty® Leadership Program is a five session, video driven, leadership series geared toward training students to chase their dreams and excellence, in every area of their life. This downloadable video series is be accompanied with a downloadable workbook and molded to fit the schedule of a school.

In just one week, students will learn life changing principles that could change their life forever and have real results right now. 

For 10 years, FinishEmpty® has impacted entire school systems, teams, & administrations with unprecedented success to see students achieve their dreams. FinishEmpty® brings an entire schools together under one mission... Finish Empty.

Nobody really wants to Finish Empty; we all want to achieve the full life we have always dreamed of. Finish Empty is the path. By pouring out all we have, each day, in the right direction... we can live the full life we were intended. 

If you would like more information about The Finish Empty Leadership Program and for package options & pricing, contact us here.