Jason Curry training your team or speaking at your next event will help you win.

Jason Curry motivates, inspires, educates, and organizations begin to change! If you are looking for someone to speak to your entire company, leadership team, managers, or a long-term training leadership program, Jason will help you take the steps toward excellence.  

Contact Jason today and have him help your team, company, or organization take the next step toward getting better! This could be a training development over some time or speaking at a yearly event. 

Leadership Training Most Requested Topics

  • Finish Empty: How to live the full life of leadership you always dreamed and make an impact in the world.
  • The Three Essentials For Organizational Success: A guide to what matters most and how to build your leadership around those priorities.
  • Managing a Mess: How to win amid adversity. 
  • Building A Schedule That Wins: Leaders constantly face urgent problems and decisions. However, urgent does not equal important. Sometimes, the most critical question you need to ask is how to run your schedule to win.
  • Getting The Most From Millennials: How to communicate most effectively to the next generation and millennials. 
  • Inevitable Failure: A detailed path to guarding your leadership from ultimate failure and putting yourself on the path to long-term success.
  • Teams That Win: The five essentials for teammates to form a winning team.


    "The Finish Empty philosophy embodies the approach we want our team members to take in serving our clients. Jason’s engaging personality and communication abilities made a strong impression on our team. His coaching has helped us to simply define who we are and how we serve. Finish Empty is now an important component of our mission to partner with clients to ensure a safer food supply for the world."

    Chris Coleman | CEO | SafeFoods Corporation

    Jason Curry was ALL IN for his engagement with our hospital. He walked the halls, sat through a day of employee orientation and experienced our culture first-hand so that he could better assist us with the development and rollout of our standards of behavior. Though attendance at the presentation was mandatory, employees left energized and inspired and GLAD they came.

    Sue Shugart | CEO | Kershaw Health

    Jason spoke to our leadership on organizational excellence and warned of what gets in the way of preventing you and your team from becoming excellent.  Jason was passionate, engaging and most importantly, effective. I can’t wait to see the positive impact that Jason’s message has brought to our team.

    Ryan Casey | President | Pace Construction

    "Jason’s passion for helping others excel in life is evident in his ability to motivate not only individuals, but entire organizations.  He is enthusiastic, humorous, engaging and a joy to listen to.  Each time I listen to Jason, I learn something.  Our world is a better place with Jason Curry in it.

    Leann Glenn | CFO | Counseling Clinic Inc.


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