Finish Empty® has been the foundation for Teams winning Championships for nearly 20 years. Nothing communicates more clearly and with more impact than Finish Empty®.

We believe that team excellence is built on unity; You must get everyone on the same page if you are going to be successful. Finish Empty® allows a team to come together around one concept that clearly communicates the standard for everyone in the program... regardless of talent or position.

Many of our teams adopt a theme for their program and then have Jason introduce Finish Empty® at their beginning of the year banquet, meeting, or a video leadership series. 

Jason Curry speaking to your team will leave your players and coaches changed. Jason has been speaking, motivating, & inspiring teams for over 20 years at all levels with incredible results. If you are interested in this step, please contact (here) for pricing and scheduling!

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"Jason is an incredible communicator. In any venue.. people are going to leave changed. While coaching the University of Alabama, we used Finish Empty to motivate our players to not only win at basketball, but also in life."  

Mark Gottfried | Head Basketball Coach | Cal State

"Jason is one of the top sports communicators in the country. He has the ability to connect with our athletes and coaches in a way that makes life change seem possible and realistic. Every time he talks to our team we get better!"  

Todd Knight | Head Football Coach | Ouachita Baptist University

“I’ve never seen anyone walk away from hearing Jason speak and not be motivated to take the steps necessary to win. In The Big Leagues, we are around the best… and Jason Curry sets the standard. If you want to win, you want Jason Curry."

James McCann | The Baltimore Orioles | MLB All-Star

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