Jason Curry speaking at your next event will challenge, encourage, inspire, and entertain your audience.

For over 20 years, Jason Curry has spoken at corporate events, conferences, and seminars worldwide in all settings. From crowds of 40,000 to just a handful, Jason speaking at your next event will be impactful.  

Jason founded Finish Empty® and works with leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life to get the best out of their team. Jason will speak face-to-face with over 150,000 people this year, and many will never be the same.

Contact Jason today (here) and have him speak at your next event! 


    Jason’s message was exactly what my organization needed as we adapt to the changing landscape within an electric utility and as we work to delight our customers and meet their evolving expectations. We have had Jason speak to all of our leaders and workers. He doesn’t miss. Jason’s enthusiasm and practicality kept my entire organization engaged and set the standard for our new trajectory.

    Michael Considine | Vice President of Reliability | Entergy

    “Jason Curry and his Finish Empty program is an experience worth having.  His message, along with his warm, engaging personality and entertaining style make for a moving experience.  He’s a great storyteller, but it’s more than that.  His stories are full of meaning and wisdom beyond his years.  I’m a huge fan!”

    Marnie Older | CEO | Stone Bank

    Jason joined us as the keynote speaker for our National Sales Meeting. He not only “wowed us,” he totally inspired our team!!  Jason is a humble man with a powerful message.  His insightful storytelling and illustrations helped us to see the point clearly.  His messaging was spot on!  Our team will never be the same!!  We will have him back soon!

    Craig Wassenaar | President | Skytron

    Jason‘s message was on point for our ever changing times.  Jason skillfully conveyed our company's core values and reminded our team of the fundamental principles that drive our success. His energy and ability to connect with our employees was impactful to their daily lives.  In the stressful business environment that we‘re in, Jason and “Finish Empty”  energized our team for their challenges ahead!

    Daryl Miller | CEO | PerfectVision

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