Leadership Training

For 20 years, Jason Curry has motivated, inspired, & trained leaders through corporate events, conferences, seminars on high school and college campuses, & leadership sessions with teams at the collegiate & professional levels. Jason speaking at your next event and investing in your team will help you take the steps you need toward your goals and dreams.  

Jason is the founder of FinishEmpty® and works with leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life to get the best out of their team.  There are currently over 100 FinishEmpty® programs and businesses in the United States. Players from FinishEmpty@ programs have won countless championships in the past 10 years will earn over 500 million dollars this year. However, the heart of FinishEmpty® is much more than Championships and Contracts. 

Contact Jason today (here) and have him help your team, company, or organization take the next step toward accomplishing your goals, dreams, & vision!  

Leadership Training Most Requested Topics

  • Finish Empty: How to live the full life of leadership you always dreamed and make an impact in the world.
  • The Three Essentials For Organizational Success: A guide to what matters most and how to build your leadership around those priorities.
  • Building A Schedule That Wins: Leaders are constantly facing urgent problems and decisions. However, urgent does not equal important. Sometimes the most important question you need to ask is how to run your schedule to win.
  • Getting The Most From Millennials: How to communicate most effectively to the next generation and millennials. 
  • How The Mighty Fall: A detailed path to guarding your leadership from ultimate failure and putting yourself on the path for long term success.
  • Teams That Win: The five essentials for teammates to come together a form a winning team.


"Jason has the uncanny ability to communicate in a practical "take home" kind of way. I have marveled at the clarity of his messages and his creative blend of humor & heart to deliver. Poise, power, & personality... when Jason speaks, I make it a point to hear him."

Mike Huckabee

"The Finish Empty philosophy embodies the approach we want our team members to take in serving our clients. Jason’s engaging personality and communication abilities made a strong impression on our team. His coaching has helped us to simply define who we are and how we serve. Finish Empty is now an important component of our mission to partner with clients to ensure a safer food supply for the world."

Chris Coleman | CEO | SafeFoods Corporation

"Jason’s leadership session was outstanding and he successfully kept my team engaged. He was serious in the message he was delivering but humorous and funny at the same time relating real life experiences to our team members.  The session was an enjoyable interaction with the desired outcome and was the highest rated session of the leadership conference."

Ron Rispoli /Director Risk and Insurance / Entergy

"Jason is a incredible communicator. In any venue.. people are going to leave changed. While coaching the University of Alabama, we used Jason's sermon "finish empty" to motivate our players to not only win at basketball, but also in life." 

Mark Gottfried | Head Basketball Coach | NC State 

"Jason is one of the top communicators that I have ever heard. He has the ability to connect with our athletes and coaches in a way that makes life change seem possible and realistic. Every time he talks to our team we're not only motivated to go play hard but to improve as men!" 

Todd Knight | Head Football Coach | Ouachita Baptist University